Hello All,


I'm cleaning out a lot of old papers and I was going through some old papers given to me years ago by my Mom and I came across the attachment I have attached to this e-mail.  You're not going to believe it!!  Once again, it is about and written by the guys in the graduating class of 1952 from Ascension.  I guess it was our final "adios".  The authors are all members of the class and the name of the author of each section is shown below that section.  I wrote the part about where we would be in 1975 and, I can't believe it, I was right on target with Jim Gilrane and Bill Keelty.  This is really fun stuff.  I hope you can all open it and pass a copy on to those you know who might want to see it and who don't have a computer.


Enjoy!†† The Brotherís Boy