Money Stuff

Update   September 11 2019

Somebody said, "I don't owe Ascension nothin'’, go figure?

Membership Fund

As of today we have $2,256.41 in our account.

 Thank you for your generosity.


                   The membership dues pay for Alumni Voice, Mailings, the Website, Reunions and Photo Service

It is our duty to donate to Ascension School through the CAP program as we are able.


It is our choice to help the Alumni Association with

$25  contributions to the Membership Fund  to continue our activities.

Alumni Membership Dues


Alumni should be made aware of the new mailing address,

and that the checks should be payable to Margaret McKiernan since she will be depositing and doing the accounting.

 “As before, I will make a zerox copy of all checks before I deposit them. This way everything is on the up & up.”

 Peg McKiernan President


NEW Mailing Address.


Margaret McKiernan

420 East 238 ST.

Bronx NY 10470


Other  Funds Should be donated to Ascension through the

Catholic Alumni Partner CAP program


I want my donation to be designated toward a school:

 Choose   Ascension


As usual we will be asking you in the Newsletters, for $25 for Alumni Membership Fund.

Many contribute more. Please continue your generosity.



Please remember Ascension Church  in your will.

Suggested wording:

 “I give, devise and bequeath to Ascension Church on West 107th Street

 the sum of $ _______ for general purposes”.